Why choose us

Quite simply, we’re better looking, but we’re not just a pretty face!


Management Solutions

You have a business to run. Our management solutions make it easy and efficient for you. That leads to greater profitability and less time spent “running” your business. Result: happy you!


Real Time Data

Knowledge is Power. Information is Power. The power to make informed business decisions. We give you back your power! You no longer need to juggle spreadsheets to run your business, you no longer need to make-do or work around issues or sit up until 4 in the morning as payroll has to be done. Yes, we know what it’s like.


One Place

TutorFirst will do all of that for you, everything in one place and all data linking and supplying other areas of your business. If your business sells a service within a block of time, ‘a session’, if you are tutoring, or fitness training or sitting on a couch helping people, then let us help you.


Pay For What You Use

With TutorFirst you choose the modules you need and pay for what you use. Big or small we have a pricing plan made just for you!