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Tutoring Scheduling Software – What do you need it to do for you?

There’s a lot of talk about tutoring scheduling software; as much as there is about tutoring in this world where many parents have decided that the school systems are failing to educate our children. Tutoring is a booming business for students young and mature alike and any tutoring company knows that managing the programs and schedules is very important.

What should you look for in a tutoring scheduling software package?

1. Student Records

Being able to load comprehensive student records to include personal information for the student and the parent and progress reporting for advancements made.

2. Staff Records

Storing staff information including contact information, qualifications and background information. The ability for the staff to log in and make session notes and even make their own sessions.

3. Sessions

The ability to schedule sessions, be they one-to-one or group style with an appropriate tutor at an appropriate location.

4. Accounting

A good tutoring scheduling software will allow you to bill in advance or in arrears and take payments. The tutors payroll should be calculated automatically too.

5. Testing & Learning Plans

An advance tutoring scheduling system will also allow you to record test results and even have in-built testing systems for core subjects. The students’ weaknesses in these tests will dicate the learning/academic plan for the student.

6. Reporting

A comprehensive reporting area to pull and export data is essential for that ‘business overview’ that all tutoring companies should have.

7. A Document Library

An area to up-load blank documents that might be required by any member of your team.

8. Payment Menu

The ability to pay for the parts of the tutoring scheduling software you need. If your size company does not want testing or learning plans but does want the Progress Reports, that is what a small company should get!

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