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One of the hardest tasks to get to grips with when your tutoring business begins to grow is tutor management. Keeping personnel records and keeping them up to date, ensuring that you have received all of the necessary items, on file, before allowing them to tutor.

Then the actual tutoring itself; what subjects do they specialize in, when are they available and all the myriad variables that need to be considered when matching a student to a tutor and then creating the timetable of tutoring.

The day to day operation of performing these tasks can be managed with spreadsheets and filing cabinets but the amount of time lost with cross checking between these various methods of data storage can be staggering as your business grows.

Now add into that equation any time sheets the student is required to sign to validate their attendance on the arranged tutoring session and the progress notes that need to be made by the tutor and transferred to a report and if this paperwork is coming flooding into the administration center then more time is lost sorting it and making sure eveything is present and correct before we pay the tutor for the session.

A tutor management software can take many of these tasks and functions and put them all into one database to store the day to day data of the operation.

Imagine if you could scan and store all of the paperwork the tutor submits to you when starting out with your organization? If you could clearly notate in one central place their qualifications and specialites and store their background check?

What if the tutor could log in to this tutor management software and upload the student sign in sheets directly to the student record and notate in the session they had done so?

What if they could log-in to the tutor management software and make detailed notes in the session about the student’s performance and progress during that particular session so you could use those notes to create comprehensive progress reports?

TutorFirst does just that. Using custom fields* that you create yourself in the student record, staff record or in the session record you can notate just about any information that is necessary to your operation. Using the student’s notes and documents page you can store documents in the student record and likewise for the tutor.

Allocate a pay rate and the sessions feed to payroll automatically and calculate the gross pay for your employee. All at the flick of a switch.

Tutor management no longer needs to be a daunting task with TutorFirst, the system that grows with you and your team.

Why don’t you put some of your existing data into TutorFirst tutor management system free of charge to see how it works. We know you’ll love the way it makes managing your tutors and operation efficient and streamlined.

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* Custom Fields is a MODULE of TutorFirst and is available during the free trial period and all membership TIERS with the exception of the first Personal membership level.