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New Progress Reports Module Released by TutorFirst

Today we released the new shiny Progress Report Module to TutorFirst allowing you to create great Progress Reports for your students and session attendees in a matter of minutes; well seconds actually if the tutors are up to date on their student session notes.

Here’s how it works. As you move through your instructional period, be it a week or month or however often you would like to produce a progress report, the tutor makes progress notes in each session the student attends. Progress during that session and general movement towards the student’s understanding.

When the time comes to produce the progress report, you enter your date range and TutorFirst automatically inserts all of the session dates and lists the notes for the session; building the main part of the report instantly. Then the tutor or program manager can add some general notes and you’re all done.

Unless of course, you have the Custom Fields Module and then you can keep going by filling out information you have decided to add to your Progress Reports! The Custom Fields are very powerful allowing you to create text boxes that are fixed or expand, dates, times and yes/no selectors and check-boxes and the all powerful drop-down box where you can define your responses to be selected to the question. With these prompts and functions your tutors will always create great Progress Reports that add value to the product and service you are selling. The parent or customer can see that they are paying for a service that is making a genuine and measured difference.

If you have not already done so, sign up for the 14 day free trial and try it out for yourself. Make up some data or actually add some real data from your tutoring company and see how easy it all is. We even have a Plan of Attack document in our support center to help you choose your settings quickly and enable you to start testing to the maximum effect.

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