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Huge Upgrades for TutorFirst

Exciting Times at TutorFirst!

Following our soft launch a couple of months ago our final module to be added to the system, testing, was released today along with many other upgrades and improvements to the new TutorFirst system.

This upgrade to TutorFirst includes a new look with softer colors and a redesigned home page allowing quick link access to important functions you do every day, and a helpful financial summary and upcoming birthdays for your staff and students.

But enough about the mushy stuff, the testing module includes the ability to load your test names into the system and record results for your students and then TutorFirst will compare their results before and after tutoring to present you with overall gains. Data like that is invaluable when marketing your services to prospective new students.

If you don’t have a test already or want to test online through TutorFirst we now offer online testing using the Achieve Test; the student takes the test online in TutorFirst and the results are recorded automatically for you. Achieve charges us for using the test so there is a small charge per test taken that you agree to each time you set a test.

We have also added Pay Groups with Pay Rates so you can pay your staff a different rate depending on the session type, all feeding to Payroll Calculation. Your life keeps getting simpler and simpler!

As well as being able to color code your tutors in the calendar there are many other changes and upgrades, so if you have tested the system before and did not see what you needed now is the time to try it again, it has changed a lot. If you have not looked at TutorFirst before to manage your session based business, be it tutoring, fitness, clubs or therapy then check out the free trial. We know you will love it.

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