Finally, everything together in one super-efficient package.

One Package

Tutor First really is the one-stop-shop for you data management needs for any session based business. Manage your session, student and tutor information in one place, upload documents and never have to scrabble around in a filing cabinet again!

Create invoices, take payments and send your sessions to payroll!

Delegate, delegate, delegate; free up time by having your staff log in and input their completed session data whether it be tutoring, fitness, health or any other period of time you schedule and sell to an attendee.

Available online from anywhere in the world.

As TutorFirst is a web based online data management system you can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Try that with your filing cabinet!

If your business is geographically diverse, your entire team from Area Managers to Session Coaches can log-in to one central area. The information is up to date and accessible – But your team will see only what you want them to!

Available Anywhere

Data accuracy updated in real time regardless of location.

Data Accuracy

Whether your team is spread out or you are all together in your Tutoring Center, Boot Camp, Gym or Doctor’s Lounge your data is as accurate as your internet connection is fast.

No need for synchs, back ups, paper or discs: Up to date, real time data, anywhere, anytime!

Reduced operating costs.

Remove paper from a process and you remove the filing cabinet and the person doing the filing. Remove millions of spreadsheets from the process and your excel whizz can manage 10 times the data in TutorFirst at the touch of a button.

Don’t fire them, just have them working on something more productive. When you save time you save money!

Available Anywhere


Increased visibility into your company’s operation.

Remove Paper from a tedious record keeping process

Did I remember to say everything is real-time?

The extensive reporting suite populates with your up-to-date information and the reports are ‘live’. Well until you pull them they are! View the data in TutorFirst or export to excel for filtering, sorting and  inclusion in larger company reports.

Knowledge is power and great business decisions are born from great data. Go get em!

Optional features

Accept credit card payments through the TutorFirst payments area with Authorize.net, but don’t rush to create your Authorize account, this must be done through us.

Integrate with Quickbooks Pro, we just love saving you time. Customers, invoices and payments need only be entered into TutorFirst  and Quickbooks will update.

Remove Paper from a tedious record keeping process