Q: Can I request more functionality?

A: Increased functionality is provided by our Oases Online platform with cost centers, intelligent match, webforms, ACT scoring and much more. Please press here to book a live demo of the Oases Online system to see if it would be a better match for your business.

Q: Can I use an Achieve Test during my trial?

A: It is not possible to test Achieve during your 14 day trial as there is a charge for all Achieve Tests.

The Achieve tests in TutorFirst are presented in an online format for your students but please find below,  a paper copy excerpt of the 6th grade test:

Achieve 6th Grade Language Arts Excerpt

Sample Achieve Test Print Out

Achieve Validity Report

Q: How am I billed for TutorFirst?

A: When you create your account you will input your credit card details. Monthly fees are charged in advance plus a student pack charge of your choice. Per Test Charges are charged at the time you use the online test and agree to the charges. Once in TutorFirst you may go to your billing section and update or change the credit card details you have on file and change or update your default credit card.

Q: Can I upload my logo?

A: Yes you can upload your logo to TutorFirst. It will show on the screen and at the top of all documents produced such as invoices, statements, learning plans, progress reports and test print outs.

Q: What are ‘Per Test’ Charges?

A: With the new Testing Module you can test your students prior to commencing tutoring and again when they have finished to show their performance gain. TutorFirst has partnered with Achieve Testing to bring you the Achieve Test in Math and/or Language Arts to be taken online, through TutorFirst and the student’s results will be automatically recorded. Achieve Testing charges per test and TutorFirst will collect these fess on their behalf.

Prior to using the online test you will be notified of the price and asked if you accept the charges. Everything is up front, no sneaky charges!

You may use the Testing area of TutorFirst to record the results tests administered by your team using paper or other online testing companies at no additional Charge.

Q: Is it possible to set different Pay Rates for a Tutor?

A: Yes, you can create a pay group or different pay groups and inside the pay group you can set different rates for different session types. Then allocate the pay group to a staff member.

Q: Do you have data for testing during the free Trial?

A: There is a ‘Plan of Attack in the Quick Start Guide area that you will find on the menu to the left of this page, that walks you through testing each part of the TutorFirst database. We are working on providing the option of test data and when this is available, how to access it will be in the Quick Start Guide and this response will be updated.

Q: Is there a way to embed the log-in right into my website?

At this time it is possible for your website manager to create an iframe with log in details so for all intents and purposes it would appear to be on your site. TutorFirst will be creating the ability to do this in a future release.

Q: Can I create log-ins for my students?

A: This is scheduled for an upcoming release. When it is available the tutorials will be updated and this FAQ changed.